A grand and complex epic, comparable in scale to the Greek "Iliad" and "Odyssey," "The Mahabharatha" tells an ancient tale of war, kingship, honor and revenge. It narrates the fortunes of a royal household torn by conflict. Unable to decide on a suitable heir to a throne he has sworn to protect, an ancient patriarch gives in to the capricious demands of warring cousins. Hatred and envy flare into a fratricidal war.

Samhita Arni's compact and accessible narrative allows readers from other contexts to get to know this ancient tale whose massive cast of characters is part of every Indian child\'s imagination. Her beautifully illustrated version of the ancient epic is a worldwide success. It has been translated into Spanish, French, German, Italian and Portugese.

"Reading this enchanting work is really one of the best ways to approach "The Mahabharatha," both for adults as well as for children."--Roberto Calasso

Book of the Month from the German Academy for Youth Literature and Media

Won the Elsa Morante Literary Award from the Department of Culture of Campania, Italy

Chosen as one of the Best Published Books of 2004 by the Spanish Ministry of Culture

Published by Tara Books.

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Sita's Ramayana shifts the point of view of the Ramayana to bring a woman's perspective to this timeless epic. Narrated by Sita herself, it is a powerful meditation on the fate of women, as they become pawns in the wars between men and kingdoms. But Sita is not just a patient victim of events - she endures her fate with fortitude, until the moment she decides to challenge it.

The book unites two women from very different backgrounds: young urban writer Samhita Arni collaborates with Patua scroll artist Moyna Chitrakar.

Published by Tara Books.

A New York Times Bestseller. A 2012 USBBY Outstanding International Book. An ALA Notable Children's Book, 2012A Texas Library Assocation 2012 Maverick Graphic Novel (Grades 9-12). A South Asia Book Award 2012 Honor Book

PRESS: Mid-day, Publisher's Weekly, Times of India, Speaking Tree, The Hindustan Times, Deccan Chronicle and a segment on the TV channel News9

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It has been ten years since Ram’s return from fallen Lanka. Ayodhya is shining. Ayodhya is prosperous. But darkness lurks at the heart of the victorious regime. A pointed question piques a young journalist’s curiosity: What happened to Sita? Where is Ram’s absent wife whose abduction triggered the war with Lanka?

And so begins the journalist’s search for the missing queen. Soon her investigation attracts the notice of Ayodhya’s all-powerful secret police and its mysterious head, the Washerman. Forced to flee Ayodhya, the journalist makes her way through a war-devastated Lanka in search of answers.

In this stylish speculative thriller, Samhita Arni skilfully combines her love for mythology with riveting storytelling.

Published by Penguin (Viking) and Zubaan

Read an excerpt published in The Caravan Magazine.

Press: Time Out (India), The South Morning China Post, The Writer Magazine, IBNLive

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